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CI Culture

In Chinese, EUSU combines “裕” of abundance for warm hearts, thoughtfulness, and sharing minds, and “秀” of excellence for continuously advancing to and leading the future as a new mission. is the abbreviation of Energetic, Ubiquitous, Smart, and Unique.


Colon means “relationship,” that is, linking values as well as creating and improving a relationship. It also contains our heritage: ① creativity and belief, ② sincerity and practice, and ③ responsibility and service, and the creative culture of our group: ① warmth, ② caring, and ③ sharing. In addition, it indicates our current business: ① IT, ② ship management, and ③ logistics, and our ambition to continuously go for the future by expressing continuous growth and unlimited potential.

CI Color
Deep Blue, Light Blue, Black . Deep blue expresses its long existence and succession of tradition as the first listed company with a 65-year history. Light blue describes competitiveness and passion. Black expresses its future as a trustworthy company in the world.

eusu:HanjinLogistics, eusu:유수한진로지스틱스